If I get my hands on a professional course like this, I will be able to showcase my skills and make my CV stronger

Mohd's story

Mohd is a second year computer science student aiming to become an android developer. He is applying for this course because he wants to complete the android development specialisation. Mohd hopes course will help him get a very good job when he graduates in the next few years. He feels very dedicated towards learning and wishes to become the very best android developer. Unfortunately he's not really able to support his education financially. Mohd's father's income is just not enough to fulfil the basic needs of their household. Family is already having a hard time paying college fees due to the lack of stable source of income.
Mohd has already been learning related materials for few months but never got chance to add it to his CV. He hopes that if he'll get his hands on a professional course, he will finally be able to showcase his skills and stand out among other engineers.
Mohd believes this course covers many important aspects of android app development, and that is what he needs.

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