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Video Recording for Your Course In 3 Steps

When you are learning how to make a video for your course, you should start with the basics. This article is just for that. It will guide you through the details of video recording: choosing the format, the recording equipment and setting up the recording area. 

BitDegree Course Guidelines

Your teaching material may be extraordinary, but students are unlikely to complete your course if, for example, the video is grainy and the sound is barely audible. Here you will find guidelines on how to make a high-quality course.

How Much Do Online Teachers Make?

It’s simple, on BitDegree teaching online pays. Our instructors usually get 99% of all revenue from their courses.

It this normal? How much do online teachers make on other platforms? Well, we doubt you can find a higher revenue share.

BitDegree provides its instructors with 99% of revenue share and the reason for it is simple - any project of education that does not value its instructors has failed from the get-go. An excellent instructor is not the foundation of an education platform, the instructor is the platform. 

Online teaching should be the most prestigious and highest-rewarded of all online teaching jobs, and we make sure it is.

Choosing the Topic Wisely

Put yourself in the shoes of the student and ask yourself, what are the most useful skills to learn? Out of the vast Universe of possible topics, when choosing what types of course you should teach, pick those that you:

  • Love to talk about
  • Know a lot about
  • Value the insights, knowledge and skills they provide

How to Write an Outline

An outline will help you create a focused, consistent and interconnected course. Think of the outline as a map and your course as the territory. The outline example below will show you how to make an outline which tells you where you’ve been and where you have to go next.

How to Write a Script

Sometimes it is not enough to write an outline for your course, sometimes you need a more detailed document - a script. Here you will find a script example and script writing tips. 

Write a Course Description That Sells

Imagine that someone is reading the description of your course. This person has never been closer to enrolling than at that exact moment. She is standing at the threshold and the description will be the deciding factor on whether she takes the next step or not. That means your course description must be well-written and engaging. That means your course description must sell.

How to Make a Thumbnail

What is a thumbnail? It's a visual that helps you sell your product. In this case, your product is your online course. In this article, you will find ten tips on how to make thumbnails with great conversion rates. 

It all starts with a thumbnail sketch, which should follow three key principles.  

Marketing Tips For Your Course: a Checklist

You have created an amazing, useful, well-recorded and presented course. Now you need to promote yourself and your course to attract students. Here's an all-around checklist filled with self promotion and marketing tips! 

Promo Code

You will receive 99% of the revenue from the sales with your Promo code, also sometimes called the coupon code.

How do coupons work? Well, a Promo code is a unique discount that an instructor shares with potential students. So it's not only a way to earn 99% of the revenue for your courses, it's also a great tool to attract more students.

Understanding the Metrics

To be a successful instructor, you must have a valid strategy and a self-improvement process. That is, you must know what works in your courses and what doesn't. You must know your weaknesses and strengths. But you cannot have a strategy if you do not know the data.

How to Network and Sell Courses Offline

"Should I learn how to network and promote my courses in live events?"

Absolutely! Never underestimate offline promotion. You don't know what kind of leads you may get while business networking. Never forget that you have a much stronger connection to people you see face to face.

How to Make a Slideshow

You need the best slides to have a visually strong content for your course. The good news is you can do it quickly and almost without any resources. All you need is PowerPoint or Keynote. Your whole course can be made of slides, or you can use them in particular cases. And here's how to do that effectively.

Video Editing Tips

In this article you'll find tips on how to edit a video faster and simpler. Whether you are an online instructor or a youtuber, or maybe you ever wondered how to edit Youtube videos or how to make online courses, this article is for you. 

Let's start with the simplest and probably the most useful of all video editing tips you'll learn here.

The Course Description Writing Hack

Here you will find course description examples that will help you draft your own well-written copy.

Writing is much easier when you have a clear structure in mind. Follow the key principles, tips, copywriting examples below and write a great course description.

How to Do SEO for Your Online Course

What words would you use if you wanted to find your course on the internet? What words would you type in the search box? These words are called keywords and if you put them in your course title and description, if you follow the SEO tips in this article, you will get a lot of organic traffic. 

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