How Much Do Online Teachers Make?

It’s simple, on BitDegree teaching online pays. Our instructors usually get 99% of all revenue from their courses.

It this normal? How much do online teachers make on other platforms? Well, we doubt you can find a higher revenue share.

BitDegree provides its instructors with 99% of revenue share and the reason for it is simple - any project of education that does not value its instructors has failed from the get-go. An excellent instructor is not the foundation of an education platform, the instructor is the platform. 

Online teaching should be the most prestigious and highest-rewarded of all online teaching jobs, and we make sure it is.

How Much Do Online Teachers Make?

We decided to build our business by putting the instructors first and paying them 99% of all revenue (while the 1% covers the transaction costs), as that is the only way to succeed. It works as follows:

A BitDegree instructor John Chrysostom uploaded a course “10 Secrets to Public Speaking” set at the price of 10 USD. John used his instructor’s promo to sell the course to 150 students for a total of 1500 USD in revenue. That means, John will earn a licence fee of 1485 USD!

This is not one of the best paying online teaching jobs, this is the best paying job.

Online teachers at BitDegree can also sell their course through additional channels. They are listed below.

The 100% (Upcoming)

This is an exclusive option, which is currently under R&D and will be available only if the instructor allows payments with cryptocurrency. A BitDegree innovation, The 100% will be the world’s first direct payment method in online learning, where students pay for the courses directly to the instructor.

How it will work

First, the student sends cryptocurrency from his wallet directly to the instructor’s wallet. Then, the BitDegree system reads the public Ethereum Blockchain, finds the exact transaction, the amount paid, the recipient and uses this data to unlock the course the student has paid for. The beauty of Blockchain reveals itself in this model. Decentralized transactions, transparency and no intermediaries - as this technology promised. In this case, the answer to "how much do online teachers make?" is amazingly simple - 100% of everything they sell.

The 99%

Whenever a student purchases the course with the instructor’s promo, the instructor receives 99% of all revenue. This way the instructor takes an active part in spreading the message, reaching the students, selling the course and earning. All the tools are in the hands of the instructor. The instructor sets the price, decides on the discount on the instructor’s promo, and shares it through various channels. 

So, how much do online teachers make on BitDegree? 99% of everything they sell with the instructor's promo.  

The 50%

When a user or a BitDegree student finds the instructors course by using the BitDegree platform - through search or by simply browsing - and enrolls in the course, the instructor receives 50% of all revenue. 

How much do online teachers make? A BitDegree instructor can sit back and relax because she will make 50% of her every course sold thanks to organic search.  

The Affiliate Program

When a BitDegree partner brings students to the instructor’s course, the instructor receives at least 25% of all revenue. The instructor may receive a bigger share, depending on the fee to be paid to the BitDegree partner.

In other words - how much do online teachers make from BitDegree initiatives and partners? 25% of every course sold with the help of our partners.

The Ad Program

Similarly to the affiliate case, when a student enrolls in your course by following a BitDegree ad, you receive 25% of all revenue. Teach online, get more students and earn - all thanks to our ads!

Instructors Also Receive Crypto Payments

Instructors can also receive their earnings not only in USD, but also in BDG tokens, a cryptocurrency we have created precisely for the BitDegree platform. 

There are obvious benefits to teaching online on BitDegree and receiving the payment in BDG.

1. No chargebacks (refunds). 

The 30-day chargeback (refund) option is the default in the industry. Usually, the instructor cannot choose “no refund” policy or an alternative way of refunding or adjust the process in any way. 

With crypto, it’s an entirely different story. If a user bought a course in BDG, the user cannot change his mind for no reason and request a refund.

With crypto, it is up to the user to prove that the course did not meet BitDegree Terms and Conditions to justify the refund request. 

2. Instant withdrawal. 

When the course is bought with USD, the instructor gets paid on the 15th day of the month only if 30 days have passed since the purchase of the course (because of the 30-day chargeback option).

However, since there is no chargeback option when the course is purchased with BDG, the instructor gets paid in a day or two after the request. That means the instructor gets paid at least 30 days sooner than usual. These are the fastest payment terms in the market.

3. No minimum $50 payout amount. 

The instructor can request a withdrawal of more than 50 USD. However, if the instructor has allowed payments in BDG, the instructor can request the withdrawal of all receivable BDG, no matter if they are worth $10 or $40 or $1000 and get paid in a matter of a few days. 

4. An automatic discount of 20%!

Payments in BDG have a great additional feature. The course gets an automatic 20% discount if the purchase is made in BDG. 

That means that BDG payments are a great way to attract more students, especially those who already use the BitDegree platform and BDG tokens! A lot of students who have received BDG token scholarship will be motivated to try out your courses.

5. Direct payment to the instructor, a.k.a. The 100%.

As laid out above, this is the next huge innovation BitDegree is currently working on. Payment in BDG will be made directly from the student to the instructor, no intermediaries! That's how BitDegree instructors will have the best paying online teaching jobs.

What Is the BDG Token?

BDG is a cryptocurrency token, which was developed and utilized by the BitDegree platform to make the life of an instructor easier. You can get more information about the BDG token here

Are there any other crypto options?

Instructors can also teach online and receive their earnings in Ether (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC). With no chargeback, no minimum payout and instant withdrawal as well!

Licence fee and payment methods.

USD paid out via PayPal after the 30-day chargeback term has passed, on the 15th day of every month after the instructor’s request.

BTC paid out in a few days after the instructor’s request. No limits on the withdrawal amount. Paid out directly to the instructor’s BTC wallet.

ETH paid out in a few days after the instructor’s request. No limits on the withdrawal amount. Paid out directly to the instructor’s ETH wallet.

BDG paid out in a few days after the instructor’s request. No limits on the withdrawal amount. Paid out directly to the instructor’s ETH wallet.

Key Takeaways

You now know how much do online teachers make at BitDegree:

  • BitDegree is the only platform that pays 99% of the revenue share to the instructor
  • Better yet, we are developing the world’s first 100% direct payment method
  • Additional options with a lower revenue share help you teach online and reach more students
  • A Blockchain solution grants BitDegree instructors the fastest payment terms in the market
  • Payment in USD, BDG tokens, ETH or BTC


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