The Paragon

Curious is the art of a Paragon. His creations witnessed and enjoyed by everyone who surrounds him.

23% The Paragon.


  • Game Designer
  • Animator
  • Creative Director
  • UI/UX Specialist
  • Frontend developer

The Catalyst

Paragons are spontaneous, charming, and genuinely fun people to be around. They’ll do their best when given an interesting and fulfilling task. However, Paragons work best when they get to deal with people one-on-one or when tackling problems solo. They’re overflowing with ideas and suggestions. This often upsets coworkers as Paragons try to share their ideas in what seems like an aggressive manner to others.

Creative Bond

Left without supervision Paragons allow their creativity and insight to craft bold ideas that speak to the hearts and minds of many. Paragons have the unique ability to mix science/data and facts with artistic vision and feelings.

Merciless Armament

Paragons are competitive to a fault. They’ll often sacrifice long-term success over a short-term victory. Especially if they can prove someone wrong in the process. They’re extremely unhappy when they lose and will do almost anything to avoid such situations, even when they’re wrong.