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Copy Editor

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Are you a grammar nerd who’ll never miss a typo? Does your blood boil at the mention of the missed Oxford Comma?

We’re looking for an eagle eyed copy editor with a passion for reading, and the ability to yield the english language as if it were King Arthur’s Excalibure. If you’ve spotted the 5 mistakes in this ad — send in your CV, we need you!


  • Read, read, and read more
  • Ensure a consistent voice for our new Web Development course
  • Meticulously correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation to ensure high-quality output
  • Follow and help improve a house style guide
  • Aid in developing content formatting standards


  • Extremely good understanding of written English, especially grammar
  • An observant and detail-oriented attitude when it comes to text
  • Ability to stay consistent and concentrated
  • Great teamwork and communication skills
  • Thoroughness in following the house style guide
  • Previous experience in copywriting and/or editing is preferred but not necessary


  • The culture of truly high standards and fast-paced learning environment
  • Amazing team - both professionally and personally
  • Freedom and the responsibility to think of solutions, not just do what you are told
  • Anything needed for your fast development: world’s best conferences, relevant training courses, books, team building activities, and workshops
  • A competitive salary that matches your expertise